Image by Jude Infantini

Tree Trimming

& Pruning

Proper trimming and pruning can be essential for the health of your tree as well as the safety of your family and property.

There are many reasons to hire Premium Plus Total Tree Care for your tree trimming and pruning needs. 

for example, these services- 

Improve the health of your trees by eliminating weak, diseased, dead or dying branches to prevent further decay.

Trimming is also used to promote new growth.  It can help a tree that is not receiving enough sunlight because of it's own canopy, or which is too close to another tree. some branches may cross or rub, and this is unhealthy for a tree.

Trees and shrubs that are routinely trimmed tend to live longer than trees and shrubs that aren’t trimmed or pruned. There are ways to trim trees that will increase their ability to endure snow, ice and powerful storms.

Many people commonly trim and prune for visual purposes. Sloppily overgrown trees and

shrubs are not only unsightly, but they also block views and can allow access for pests if they are against buildings. It is possible to trim plants to enhance their flowering, to alter the form, to reduce the size, and to shape the canopy.

Trimming improves the overall appearance, health, and structure of the tree. We specialize in clearing areas for power lines and safely removing branches that pose a hazard to homes or other structures. Our boom trucks allow for safe and easy access to trimming.