Image by Jude Infantini

Tree Preservation, Fertilization

& Insect/Disease Control

Your beautiful trees provide a multitude of benefits but unfortunately they can also be prone to many health problems. Some health issues are minor in nature but others can potentially cause the loss of a tree.

Diagnosing and managing these issues requires experienced and knowledgeable arborists. Luckily, Premium Plus Total Tree Care is here for you.


Tree preservation can mean many things. We can employ cabling and bracing to support natural flaws in a tree’s structure. Weight reduction pruning can help to preserve a failing tree. Root collar excavation, vertical mulching and aeration are all ways to aid and preserve an unhealthy tree, if the tree's health issues are root related.


Tree Fertilization is important. There is a multitude of fertilization products and techniques that can be used. Not all trees are the same, and even trees of the same family may require different types of treatment and attention. We take soil samples to choose the right fertilization blend to create optimal conditions for the growth and revitalization of your trees.

We offer pest control services for invasive insects such as Emerald Ash Borer, Leaf Miners, Bark Beetles, and Japanese Beetles. 


We also diagnose and treat rot and various forms of disease. Pathogens can be slow killers such as Bacterial Leaf Scorch, while others can be quick and deadly pathogens, such as Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, or Cotton Root Rot.