Image by Jude Infantini

Storm Damage &

Lot Clearing

Storms can be lethal and cause damage to your property as a result. We can remove damaged trees and debris from your parking lot or yard. Even moderate storms can leave destruction in their wake. We will come and perform a thorough cleanup, removing dead fall and detritus. We focus on preserving damaged trees, where possible. We also include preemptive safety measures, such as trimming branches.

Take back your land and improve it’s value. We can clear any area of trees, debris, brush, rocks and all other obstacles. Undeveloped or overgrown land is no problem for our heavy machinery. We pride ourselves in leaving the property in excellent condition.

Are you looking for professional cleanup services? Premium Plus Total Tree Care  offers professional residential and commercial cleanup services. Whether you're looking to get storm damage cleanup or need lot clearing and the normal seasonal cleanup, our skilled workers can do it all.

  • Storm damage cleanup

  • Seasonal cleanup

  • Lot clearing

  • Commercial and residential cleanup